The Colorectal Surgery Unit manages a wide range of benign and malignant conditions affecting the lower gastrointestinal tract (small bowel, colon, rectum and anus). As a referral centre, we are experienced in handling the complex end of the spectrum for common conditions such as colorectal cancer, diverticular disease and benign anorectal conditions. Niche areas include surgical management of inflammatory bowel disease, obstetric anal sphincter injury and incontinence.

In the management of colorectal cancers, we offer patient-centred multi-disciplinary care, with the full range of surgical services at our disposal. Highly specialized procedures for cancer include minimally invasive surgery, sphincter-saving surgery, surgery for recurrent cancer, extended resections (multi-organ resections, sacrectomy), cytoreductive surgery & hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (CRS & HIPEC) for peritoneal metastases, and intra-operative radiotherapy for selected rectal cancers.

The full range of haemorrhoidal procedures (laser haemorrhoidoplasty, Doppler-guided haemorrhoidal artery ligation & rectoanal repair, stapled haemorrhoidopexy, open and closed haemorrhoidectomy, rubber band ligation) and fistula-in-ano treatments [Fistula laser closure (FiLAC), Over-the-scope clip (OTSC), endorectal & anal advancement flaps, Ligation of the Fistula Tract (LIFT), fistulectomy and fistulotomy] is also available.

We offer diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for rectal prolapse and functional disorders. Diagnostics include colonoscopy, gastroscopy, endoanal, endorectal and transperineal ultrasonography, and anal manometry. Interventions include biofeedback, abdominal rectopexies (ventral mesh / suture rectopexy / resection), perineal procedures (Delorme’s & Altmeiers procedures), flap surgery, sphincteroplasty, graciloplasty, and sacral nerve stimulation.

Our surgeons are at the forefront of training and research activities, so you may rest assured that your care is in good hands.


Bil Salutation Name Email Phone
1 Profesor VK7 April Camilla Roslani
2 Profesor Madya DU53 Khong Tak Loon
3 Pensyarah Perubatan DU53 Ang Chin Wee
4 Pensyarah Kanan DU54 Nora Binti Abdul Aziz
5 Pensyarah Kanan DU54 Mohamed Rezal Bin Abdul Aziz
6 Pensyarah Kanan DU53 Poh Keat Seong
7 Pensyarah Perubatan DU53 Lim Hiong Chin