Neurosurgeon, Surgical Trainer, Inventor, Technopreneur

Current Position

Professor- Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya

Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon- University of Malaya Medical Centre

Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon- University of Malaya Specialist Centre

(Subspecialized interest in Base of Skull, Pituitary and Minimally Invasive Neurosurgical Endoscopy Surgery)

Head of the Department of Surgery & Chairman of Council of Surgeons, Faculty of Medicine UM

Director- Centre of Biomedical and Technology Integration UM

Academic Qualifications

MB;BS (MALAYA)  Distinction    Aug. 1990        University of Malaya (Gold Medalist)

FRCS Edin.                                               Oct. 1994        Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

FRCS (Neurosurgery)                       April 1999        Inter-Collegiate Board of Neurosurgery UK

Surgical Areas of Expertise

General Cranial and Intraspinal tumours- Adults
General Degenerative Spine Disease
Neurotrauma- Cranial

Base of Skull & Pituitary Surgery- sub-speciality expertise
Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Neurosurgery- sub-speciality expertise

Employment Record in University of Malaya

Date appointed as Associate Professor  & Consultant: 2nd February 2001
Date appointed as Professor & Senior Consultant: 1st January 2007

Past Employment

Aug 1991-October 1994 Medical Officer Ministry of Health Malaysia
Nov 1994-April 1996 Registrar of Neurosurgery, Hospital Kuala Lumpur
April 1996-July 1999 Senior Registrar, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, University of Cambridge NHS Trust
July 1999-Jan 2001 Neurosurgeon, Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Committee Position

University of Malaya Health Care Working Group- Chairman
Neurosurgical Association of Malaysia (NAM)- Founding Member and Exco Member
Neurosurgery Specialist Registry- Member

Areas of Research

Based on my training and experience as a general neurosurgeon with subspecialized interest in Base of Skull and pituitary surgery, much of my research has been concentrated on making surgery in neurosurgery simpler and safer for both patients and surgeons. This has led to the invention and development of tools and devices for both general neurosurgery, base of skull surgery and minimally invasive neurosurgical endoscopy.

These tools and devices have been made with collaboration with local industry and has been marketed both locally and internationally.

As a trainer of neurosurgeons and with special interest in emerging technology, I have also work closely with the Centre of Biomedical and Technology Integration developing surgical simulators for the training of Neurosurgeons, Base of Skull and ENT surgeons and Spine Surgeons using 3D printers. The development of these simulators have been innovative and are presently being used to train neurosurgeons around the Asia Pacific Region.

As a general neurosurgeon I have been involved in the development of communication software and hardware for the transmission of medical imaging and data for both emergency and elective consultation. This has led to the development of MEDCOM that has been dubbed the Next Generation Telemedicine.

All the above work has resulted in various scientific publications, prestigious presentations internationally and medals.

Publications of Note

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